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Running is Uncanceled: Part 1

So when I had made my maintenance plans for what I was going to do between Bud Light Orange and Wine and Dine training I was thinking lots of shorter runs to work on speed training and maybe some serious cross training to help with my endurance… what I didn’t plan for was that two weeks after…


Didn't sleep well last night, and it was chilly-ish this morning (42?) so I saved the running for this evening. Did some speed work, doing three repeats of about a third of a mile, going faster than my normal running pace, then walking/slow running back to do it all over again. Still did the 5k…


It was a short run, less than 14 minutes, about a mile and a quarter, but I did it, without foot pain from the plantar issues. The feet did okay during the day, too, so I think I'm finally getting over that and getting back to normal. I've been aggressively treating it of late, with the best thing…

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