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I always forget that my biggest 'tell' that I need new running shoes is knee pain. And sure enough, the current pair has over 300 miles logged, so off to the running store I go, but not until Friday. Will also look for a pair for jumping rope (since I track the miles of the running shoes that's…


Was dealing with a case of runner's knee the past week or so, probably brought on by increased running and adding jumping rope to my routine, and perhaps exacerbated by wall squats (which I think may have irritated some already unbalanced muscles in ye olde legs). Rested, added some stabilization…


I have been a slug the past couple of months. No motivation to run, no motivation to hop on the bike in the trainer, not really walking around either. The husband did get a treadmill, so I started doing some walking on that, but it wasn't enough movement. So I took advantage of the low-50s (10-11C)…

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