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Running away

The running, with the 2/4 run/walk ratio for half an hour (plus 5ish minutes walking on either side), is going well. I did just pop in a Ready State video to scrub and roll my shins and calves, though, as those are definitely tight from the new activity. One more day tomorrow at 2/4, then it's on…

Back again?

Went on a run/walk this afternoon, for the first time since last June. I had been dealing with some achilles & turf toe issues (both on the same foot!), and after 'resting' them for what seemed like forever, I finally got more aggressive about treating both a month or so ago. Gua sha, voodoo…

It's Really Not So Scary (Aching Quad-October recap)

Things are seemingly looking up in the running stratosphere. Okay sure my pace still isn’t down to pre pandemic levels and as my half marathon training plan kicks in this month I’m all kinds of second guessing myself but February is still a reasonable way away right? Anyway my race this month is…

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