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Ranma 1/2: One Page Per Volume, Part 38 - Final Part

Here we are with the final part of this repost-from-Tumblr series! Spoilers galore for the final arc behind the cut. Art reads from left to right. I went with this page in the end, after plenty of pondering. Having defeated Saffron to save the dehydrated Akane, Ranma was overjoyed to see Akane…

Ranma 1/2: One Page Per Volume, Part 37

The last two volumes of Ranma ½ are devoted to its final and longest arc, the Phoenix Saga, which takes the characters* back to where it all started for the first and only time not counting flashbacks: Jusenkyo, the Valley of Sorrows, and its surroundings like the Ho'o Mountain where the Phoenix…

Ranma 1/2: One Page Per Volume, Part 36

Coming close to the end... I'll post the two last posts, for the two lasts volumes, tomorrow. Now we turn to volume 36 and the resolution of the long-standing Nodoka plot. Art reads from left to right. Volume 36 is where the resolution for Ranma's estrangement from his mother finally happens.…

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