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Ranma 1/2: One Page Per Volume, Part Seven

Art reads right to left for this seventh installment of my reposted series on Ranma 1/2 manga pages. Taken from the new omnibus translations. This is the last page of the “Happosai as P-chan” story, featuring the first time that Ryoga and Ranma teams up to battle a common enemy. In vain this…

Ranma 1/2: One Page Per Volume, Part Six

Continuing the repost series from Tumblr going through Ranma 1/2, one page per volume! This page has unflipped art to be read from right to left. It's from one of the new omnibus editions from Viz. Sorry about the bad quality in the leftmost part of the picture - these volumes are harder to scan…

Ranma 1/2: One Page Per Volume, Part Five

(Art reads right to left this time around, except it hardly matters for this specific page composition) From the arc about “Ranma’s Secret Weakness”, which introduces Ranma’s cat phobia, the "Cat Fu" or Nekoken state of Ranma, and Gosunkugi. Features what could be called Ranma's and Akane's…

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