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Looking For Long Term Roleplay Partner/s?

Hello! I have been roleplaying as Castiel for five years now. I am looking for some experienced long term Dean Winchester roleplaying partners for Destiel! (We can add side characters, but have the focus be Dean and Cas.) I have plenty of plots for us to go over, but I will go ahead and warn you…

LOTC Server RP

Hey everyone! My name is Jay, I'm a guy, 18, and an avid RPer. I've been rping for many many years now and some of my favorite genres include fantasy, especially Tolkien-esque. Right now, I've been so bored, trying to make art, play games, doing homework in this quarantine. Now, while I am always…

18+ BL and/or Yaoi Identity V OR Harvest Moon RP

Hello, lovelies! I'm looking for a role-play, & I'm really in the mood for Identity V or Harvest Moon~. If I could find a partner to help fulfill one of these, that'd be spectacular~! First off, I'm looking for a mature role-play (lots of smut, but also plenty of fluff), so you can expect…

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