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And so the dreams happen

That book, Why We Sleep, talks about how, when we're asleep, memory processing is normally decoupled from emotional states associated with those memories. So one of the functions of sleeping is to consolidate and process memories without having to go through the emotional experience of those…

Today's random Rowing Thought of the Day

Why is it that when a team loses, they blame the equipment, but when they win, the equipment never gets the credit? ...don't answer that. Yesterday, Coach Y had me go out in one of the club's Swift singles, but towards the end of practice commented that the boat was too big for me. I couldn't…

Meta-Vagueblogging; fun times in the 1x

Right now I'm annoyed because, well, okay, this Stella Marr postcard is still one of my favorite things in the entire universe: And I also still agree with whoever it was who said, "Around here, politics is the local sport!" Sheesh, New Yorkers. Just, sheesh. I just have to try to retain a…

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