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Hudson River Map Study Photos, Part 2

I was finally able to get out this morning in the kayak to take some more study photos for my project of drawing a map of this section of the Hudson River. Rowing keeps on interfering. We've been having some lovely summer thunderstorms, so the morning was overcast and dark. Not the greatest for…


Let's see, where were we. Here is Emma, being hot: A friend referred to her as Emmometer - Emma Thermometer. This morning, one of my teammates brought a poster she made to explain the steps for oar washing and disinfecting: The sign made me so happy. Here's another teammate,…

Emo Boatworking

In the same vein as Emo Woodworking, I present to you, Emo Boatworking. Except, I should back up a little, with a short story. During Year 3 of grad school, our lab moved from an older Biology building into a shiny, brand-new building. Note that if this ever happens to you, the biggest thing you…

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