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Looking to RP!

Hello everyone, Estrella here, looking for some new partners to rp with. ~ 18+ partners. I am mid-twenties ~ Third person, paragraph style is preferred. Email only. I can match length though, and length isn’t a huge issue. One liners, to 5/6 paragraphs and anything in between. Depends…

Moonraker: Session 4

The Mission So Far In session 1, M sent agents Shane Bond, David Salinen and Alvin Stevedore to investigate billionaire industrialist Sir Hugo Drax. Sir Hugo’s company, Drax Industries, was heavily involved in the production of NASA’s Challenger space shuttle, and is currently…

MARVEL: Age of Heroes!!

Name of Site : Marvel: Age of Heroes Site Link: http://marvelageofheroes.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx Type of Site: MARVEL Roleplay Marvel: Age of Heroes is a role-playing site set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with elements taken from X-Men and other properties included in the comics. Our…

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