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World Events: May to December 1986

May 23: Somali President Siad Barre is injured in a car accident in Mogadishu and taken to Saudi Arabia for treatment. Somali opposition groups see this as an opportunity to try and remove Barre, beginning the Somali Civil War. 25: The Bangladeshi double decked ferry Shamia capsizes in the…

A Cold Day in Hell: Sessions 4 & 5

The Mission So Far In session 1, M sent the newly-promoted 006, Shane Bond, and his team-mates David Salinen and Stevedore on an unofficial mission: to find and rescue the surviving members of Operation Cold, a failed M.I.6 honeytrap operation that had been ‘blown’ a year ago. The…

Looking For Long Term Rp Partner

Name: Aria Age: 21 Experience: 8 years Likes: Cuddles, Romance, Fluff, Crossdressing, Light Bondage, Tails/Ears, Dirty Talk, Blood/Gore, Violence, Platonic Relationships, Rough Sex, Passionate Sex, Diversity within Character's, Gender Identities and Various Sexualities. These are all things I…

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