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Searching for a RP partner — LONG TERM

It's been years since I've role played but here I am, looking for a partner. I'll list what I'm looking for below. I think I'm good enough to hold my own with anyone who wants to role play with me. I'm a published author, I know how to write. I write multiple paragraphs/novella style (200-500+…

Fandom Search (18+, Email, Smut-Friendly)

Hello! I'm looking for a couple new partners (18+ only, please) who are comfortable writing over email with me. I do have discord, but it's only for OOC chatter; if you have a handle, please feel free to include it when you send me a message! I try to reply as often as I can. It's no…

KapCon XXX - Preamble

I usually save any ruminating on KapCon until after it's all over. The lead-in is generally busy enough with writing and play-testing that I don't tend to think much about the event itself, only the tiny part I plan to play. I did a little browsing today of my previous writings on KapCon,…

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