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Shatterhand: Session 5

The Mission So Far In sessions 1, 2 and 3, M sent the agents to South Africa to investigate the reclusive eccentric diamond billionaire, Dr Guntram Shatterhand, and his ties to the Japanese death cult, Nyuuwana Mono, and South African white supremacist group AWB which was suspected of stealing…

Shatterhand: Session 4

The Mission So Far In sessions 1 to 3, Shane Bond and David Salinen, suspended from the ‘00’ section, were carrying out routine duties at M.I.6 headquarters, when they received a panicked phone call from a young woman, Eden Cox. Eden was an asset of Aura Lee, better known as 004.…

Shatterhand: Session 3

13 February 1988 (Saturday) Johannesburg – Perth - Kalgoorlie The agents (and Ellen) spend the day travelling. First, they catch an early morning flight to Johannesburg, and then a trans-Indian Ocean flight to Perth. They touch down in Perth International Airport early evening, local…

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