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Anime Cravings

My name is Maddie and I am twenty-fouryears old and I am located in the lovely mountains of Kentucky. I’ve been roleplaying for years and years as a hobby. I am found in the EST timezone. I am obsessed with cats, anime, learning about cultures, true crime, food, and crafting. Where you RP:…

people watchin'

hello! My name is Emmy! I’m going to make this fairly short (or at least try to haaA). I am looking for 1-2 new rp partners! I work two jobs and have a pretty active lifestyle so please understand this is a hobby for me. My posting speed ranges from once every couple of days to once every week or…

Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you! Me: ~ Call me Orion (even though that was my character's name once, but I like it!). I'm a 25+ years old female, located in the GMT+1 time zone (aka 1 hour ahead of UK time). You can contact me through my email ( orionfoxx@hotmail.com) or…

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