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M/M Romance/Smut Roleplay

I like when characters differ in ways such as personality, looks, and life situation: Proper & professional/tattooed & pierced Wealthy/working class Friendly & approachable/unfriendly loner Ugly/attractive Monster/human Fit/lean or heavy/lean Study-focused/party-guy Whether or not…


SO. KINGDOM HEARTS 3, HUH? THAT SURE WAS A THING THAT HAPPENED. I’m still fuckin’ processing it all. I finished this morning and my brain is still DOA. Fried. Kaput. Kaphooey. But I would give my right leg to have someone to scream at about it and RP through some sweet, sweet feels. So! Here…

Kidnapping Plot (Dark/Psychological Horror RP) Introduction: Hello! I am searching for anyone interested in rping a specific plot with me. This plot is inspired by a manhwa titled: Warehouse. If you have heard of this manhwa and are interested in rping with me, great. If you haven’t, I’ll also…

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