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Fandom Search (18+, Email, Smut-Friendly)

Hello! I'm looking for a couple new partners (18+ only, please) who are comfortable writing over email with me. I do have discord, but it's only for OOC chatter; if you have a handle, please feel free to include it when you send me a message! I try to reply as often as I can. It's no…

Posting for old time sakes

I had another profile that was more active back when LiveJournal was really popular (the good old days) but this is the account I remember the details for. So I'm just posting for old time sakes! I don't even know if this place even gets enough (or any) traffic. Are there real people out there?…

Historical long-term roleplays anyone? M/M or M/F

Themes I enjoy: - Historical (I'm a huge history nerd) - Romance - Arranged marriage - Secret lovers - Drama (Lots and lots of it) - Fluff, but also angst in a lovely balance - Magic/Mythology/Supernatural (be it gods, sorcerers or werewolves, I'm up for it) - Enemies to lovers - ABO dynamics…

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