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Historical long-term roleplays anyone? M/M or M/F

Themes I enjoy: - Historical (I'm a huge history nerd) - Romance - Arranged marriage - Secret lovers - Drama (Lots and lots of it) - Fluff, but also angst in a lovely balance - Magic/Mythology/Supernatural (be it gods, sorcerers or werewolves, I'm up for it) - Enemies to lovers - ABO dynamics…

Looking for a partner!

Hi! I'm Hurley. I'm 20 years old and have been roleplaying for I wanna say 9ish years? I'm looking for new long term writing partners, preferably 18+. Roleplays won't be focused on anything NSFW (though smut may come into play I don't want that to be the main focus. I'm fine with fading to black)…

! The Road to El Dorado Roleplay !

Hello! My name is Vampy and I'm looking for a roleplay evolving around the Dreamworks movie, The Road to El Dorado. It can be sort of a sequel to the original movie, and I'm fine with including OCs in the rp as well as the original characters, but we can of course discuss that more. It will of…

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