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rodney mckay

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Art: Reach For The Stars (SGA, G, John/Rodney)

Artist: selenic76 Fandom: Stargate Atlantis Title: Reach For The Stars Pairing: John/Rodney Rating: G Warnings/tags: None / space travel, space shuttle Atlantis, AU Disclaimer: Don't own or profit from them Summary: John always dreamed of reaching the stars. Rodney gave him…

June Something - day four

You get to crossover two completely different fandoms. What two shows, and why? Bonus: Give us a preview! Hmm, being a multifandom girl I have so many fandoms to choose from... But... I do have this idea, that one day I'd love to do a McShep version of the manga Crimson Spell :) This is the…

June Something - day three

What character do you think you would end up being best friends with? Bonus: What other character would you and your new bestie give a hard time to? This was a tough one. There's so many characters that I love, but who would I end up being BFFs with??? Then it came to me: Miko from SGA :)…

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