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December 2019 Monthly Entry

It has been very rainy this late fall season and in a surprising twist, we haven't had any snow or sleet. It's common to get something in late November and maybe even December but nope, just rain and cloudy weather for the most part. They do predict a mild winter around the Lower Mainland. I…

November 2018 Monthly Entry

The 38th Knights Anniversary event is going on this weekend until Sunday. It's the same schedule like last year though we have 3 Seattle Knights coming up this year. Much to my surprise, they came up Friday morning via Amtrak, instead of arriving at night. We're staying at the Holiday Inn on…

Knights of Mantra Jet Chapter - Campout 2018

After over 16 years since joining the Knights, I FINALLY attended my first Seattle Chapter Campout weekend. It took place at the Longhouse in Redmond, WA while I was there July 20-22. This year's theme was "Time Warp: A Temporal Anomaly" which, of course, meant there was a Rocky…

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