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So I went to North Carolina. I got back to Gainesville (from Connecticut/Trinita) last Sunday afternoon. I worked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Then Wednesday morning, Carolyn and I hit the road for Durham. After we arrived, we got in Jnet's car and went to Winston-Salem for my brother's game. I…

I've been having trouble writing lately. I think about how I want to write about such and such when I'm in the moment, but then I come to write, and I have nothing to say. On Saturday night as we were walking home from the vigil around 2am, I asked Jnet if it was okay if I still felt nauseous…

Atlanta Roadtrip - SEC Championship Game

Duggan, David, and Travis picked me up on the side of 7th Avenue Friday afternoon around 4pm and off we went! We stopped at a Chik-fil-a on Zebulon Road in Macon for dinner, and there was a policeman guarding it, that was weird. That's also when "snatch" started...it went on all weekend. Atlanta…

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