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road trips

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On Monday it was snowing when we left Anchorage, but cleared up when we got inland, and saw the lovely mountains again..Denali was kinda hiding in the clouds, but flat-topped Foraker was out (it looks like someone cut off the top of it haha). I was TIRED all day, and didn't feel well at all…

Anchorage getaway

On Friday, we drove to Anchorage..it was beautiful and sunny the whole way!! It was so nice to see the mountains again, shining in the sun. We got to Anchorage just in time to watch Scott's game (same team as Thursday, but they lost this time. You can definitely see how experienced Scott is after…

Road triiiip!

Tomorrow me, Ryan and Jo are driving to Anchorage for the weekend! They asked me if I wanted to go with them..ummm 100% YES. It's been too long since I've gone anywhere lol. Our corona cased have dropped a lot in the last couple months, which is nice..we're actually going to get our first vaccine…

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