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Recovering lilacs from the dead land, the life in dried tubers

'I prefer to see historians as the guardians of the skeletons in the cupboard of the social memory...' (citing Peter Burke, 'History as Social Memory', 1989): Matthew Gabriele riffs off this to suggest that: [W]hat Burke was trying to get at was that studying the past - and then, importantly,…

Checking in on myself

Got revised and trimmed draft of chapter for edited volume off to editors, who sound appreciative (even if I failed to quite grasp all the minutiae of the somewhat arcane bibliographic conventions in play, sigh). Purportedly have a couple of web articles forthcoming shortly. Feeling as if I…

#6: A Fey Tale Book Blog Tour

Originally published at karen j carlisle. You can comment here or there. David asked me to do an ‘Introduction to Aunt Enid’ for my post. At the time, I didn’t know his post would be last official stop on my blog tour. So I thought: why not End at the Beginning? I chat about origin stories…

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