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No, it is not

All digitised. It's depressing enough when a natural disaster takes out a precious historical resource. And then you get the people bleating about surely it's all digitised by now, and the related question of Why Do Historians Still Have To Go To Archives? *Screaming loudly in archivist* I…

Antipathy to the genre, or to futtock-shroudery?

Over the weekend I came across a twitter-thread going off on somebody for complaining that the world-building in some fantasy series was exhausting to to get to grips with - And at first I thought, sigh, here was a person of the kind described by EM Forster in Aspects of the Novel (1927), who…

Not quite abandoned high on the shoreline by a receding tide...

I.e. looking back over this week it was one in which there were several signs that I am by no means entirely irrelevant. Right at the beginning of the week I participated in a virtual class to convey some of my knowingz about archives and research for a younger colleague's students. I have been…

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