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S3E41: Renounce, Reject, & Repent (Seven Vows pt. 1)

Sermon #164 Eastertide is the season of seven weeks beginning with Resurrection Sunday and ending with Pentecost. It's easy on the day after Easter Sunday to feel as though we have reached the end. But historically in the Church, Eastertide was the time of preparation for one's baptism into the…

S6E43: Great News! (First Things First pt. 3)

Sermon #151 When Jesus preached his first sermon in his hometoown synagogue, he providentially opened the scroll to Isaiah chapter 61 and read what was in essence his mission statement. It is important for us to have a mission statement so that we can maintain a clear vision of what our purpose…

Oshogatsu (and Life) in Review 2022

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu (happy New Year) and welcome to the Year of the Black Water Tiger! This is a yang water year, with yang energy being characterized as masculine, bold, bright and positive. These are attributes shared by the sign of the tiger, and tigers have a general affinity for…

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