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Neale Donald Walsh keeps coming up on my Facebook feed. He's this guy that wrote this series that started with the book "Conversations with God." A series that I used to like. And while it did have some interesting thoughts about the nature of God / the universe, and did introduce a lot of people…

Fact time

The thing about Genesis is that it is specifically the story of the creation of the Hebrews by Yahweh, not of humanity as a whole. Other gods made other humans, hence the usage of the plural for god which was Elohim (Singular would have been Eloha.) as well as the presence of other people in the…

Oshogatsu (and Life) in Review 2021

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu (happy New Year), and welcome to the Year of the White Metal Ox! Last year... amirite? Oi, where to even start. You know what? Let's start with the astrology. So, last year was the white metal rat. Here we are again with the same energy, only now in its yin…

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