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You Should Choo-Choo-Choose Someone Else.*

Dear Agony Aunt, Badly need advice: this is coming from a 31 years Indian girl, who till 31 years of life believed, with God's grace she will find the man who is best for her and she will fall in love with him, do everything and anything (*conditions applied) for him till eternity. I have…

Ridiculously Rad

Dear Agony Aunt, I was seeing a guy nearly 2 years ago for about 2 months whilst we were both at uni. He is the first guy I was properly "seeing", and the first guy I shared an intimate relationship with. Things were going well on the whole, but I felt I was taking it more seriously…

The Cup Don’t Work ‘Cause the Vandals Took the Handle

Dear Agony Aunt, On my best friend’s birthday (I'll call him George) he introduced me to his best friend (I'll call him John) from high school (I met my friend in college and don't know any of his other friends, also my friend is gay), he introduced us knowing we would get on,…

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