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Paranoia or Pragmatism?

Hi Agony Aunt, Gosh it's my first time ever writing to an agony aunt but just felt the need to virtually talk to someone about this! So, I've been dating this guy for about 7 months. Everything's been good thus far and he makes me extremely happy, we connect on so many levels…

Bad Zaddy

Dear Agony Aunt, So I recently started sleeping with a guy from work. He’s amazing and it feels so natural when we’re together, however, we’ve had a conversation and he says he’s not in a place to offer me anything more than ‘friends who sleep together’ right…

Stay or Stray?

Hi there Agony Aunt, I’ll try and keep this short. Been with my husband for 15 years. The sex was never good, even at the beginning, but I fell madly in love with his humour, kindness, generosity and other traits. We had a son 9 years ago and I was in a bad way: depressed, low and…

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