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Fanfiction: Second Best (Red Dwarf, Lister/Rimmer)

More Red Dwarf fanfiction! This one's set during series eight, because I'm slightly fascinated by the way Lister's forced to spend time with a Rimmer who's not the one he remembers. Title: Second Best Fandom: Red Dwarf Rating: PG-13 Pairing: Lister/Rimmer Wordcount: 2,500 Summary:…

You Can Do This.

I conquered the mountain in Celeste! It took me twelve and a half hours and I died 3,557 times. The Celestial Resort was particularly good at killing me: seven hundred and thirty deaths. Given that I died there, you could say it was my last resort. You could say it seven hundred and thirty…

Fanfiction: No Thanks for the Memory (Red Dwarf)

I can't believe I'm writing for Red Dwarf again, seventeen years later. One of my first ever fandoms! It's all coming back to me. Here's a fic inspired by 'Thanks for the Memory', episode 2.03. This is perhaps slightly less self-indulgent than the ' Rimmer asks Lister to cause him pain' Red…

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