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reality in entries

National Geographic sucks

When I was growing up, National Geographic magazine was a wonderful thing to behold. I requested repeated annual subscriptions to the magazine and its spinoff publications as birthday or Christmas gifts, and my grandparents were happy to oblige. We stored stacks of the magazines like they were…

when a solution isn't a solution

I know I can sound uncompromising here in my LJ when I write about politics, especially where politics, poverty, and the environment intersect -- my Green Communism and/or my Zero Population positions. ----- With respect to the environment, looking just at the most prominent environmental issue…

To define is to lose

Here's a passage from Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light that I found pretty sick: "I have many names, and none of them matter." He opened his eyes slightly then, but he did not move his head. He looked upon nothing in particular. "Names are not important," he said. "To speak is to name names, but to…

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