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Do not fear not losing your memory and memories. The experience of the thing is real. The memory of the experience is an aftereffect.

The Earth is still currently in an Ice Age ...

The definition of an Ice Age is: year-round ice on land masses. Greenland and Antarctica qualify, as do any of our mountain glaciers, and we'll continue to be in our current ice age for as long as those ice sheets and glaciers exist. Probably for at least another 1,000 years, maybe for another…

Holiday weekend! And a surprise question about my gender identity.

So far no alcohol on a Friday evening, maybe I really mean it about losing weight ;-) But I did drink last night, and probably will later this weekend. Tod’s new TV showed up, but with a horrible scratch on the screen, oops, so he’s returning that one. No 4K TV this weekend, but maybe next…

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