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Sudden Realizations...

I'm currently reading The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It was recommended to me by a now former coworker at this job that is suddenly starting to remind me a lot of RGIS. It's just close to home, has steady hours and pays better. However, that place isn't what this entry is about... So I'm…

Wednesday is still checking daily for available vaccine slots, sigh

What I read Finished Rebel Women - possibly (apart from the bloopers) a lot of it was that the author and I were interested in different things? so she was getting very excited about some aspects of these women's lives, and I was 'yeah, yeah, but what about - ?' and really, it was her book and…

Vegan Kex Chocolate/Vegansk Kex Choklad

Cloetta (a famous candy brand made in Sweden and well known in Scandinavia) has rolled out with a new candy bar. It's like their famous Kex Choklad (Kex Chocolate is the best way I can translate it as), but for vegans. Do I like it or not? This vid isn't sponsored by them or anyone else. Just…

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