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I succumbed and decided to get a new tablet for reading. Can't remember when I bought my old Samsung tablet but it must have been over 10 years ago considering that it's both big and heavy enough to be used as a self-defence weapon. It's probably time for a new one that won't cause me wrist pain…

[Review] The Nero Wolfe Cookbook - Rex Stout / Viking Press Editors

I've read bits and pieces of this book before, but never sat down and read it cover to cover before now. If you are a fan of the Nero Wolfe series you know that Wolfe is all about the food and to see the actual recipes in context of where they are mentioned in the books is a lot of fun. I really…

2020 Books reviews - Book #18 - The Silent Patient

Note: 5/5 Finished: 28th May Review: This is a gem! This was the perfect psychological thriller! The ending just makes you want to re-read the book to find all the clues you've missed. I had read a lot of ravings about this book and I was a little afraid to be disappointed but it was not…

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