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Fic Of The Week - Week One Hundred And Sixty One

Yes, by request (sort of), Fic of the Week is returning! I've been making an effort recently to fit in some reading time, and there are so many amazing fics still out there waiting for new readers to discover them, and for existing readers to rediscover old favourites. This one's an…

Reading and watching roundup

I read another book! Two weeks ago, actually, but haven't felt like writing it up before now. 2. Ben Aaronocitch, Amongst Our Weapons (Rivers of London) -- even in my current "what is fictional narrative?" state, a new RoL book is still something to be read immediately. It did take me a little…

I'm still fighting with the stupid internet provider who insists I haven't paid the last bill. Last weekend they even cut my internet connection, and I had to call their call-center to once again (it was the third time) insist that they correct this. I don't give a shit if they lost track of the…

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