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56) "Monstrous Regiment" - Pratchett Does it feel a tiny bit dated now that everyone is doing stories that pass the Bechdel Test? Not noticeably, I think. Pratchett could do such good female characters. Crossposted from 'derien' on DreamWidth. Comment either place.

In time for Thanksgiving, back to spring

Because chiclets, it was beautiful here today. Warm and sunny under a wide blue sky. Here is some this-and-that ... 1) This is a sad and scary read from Outside magazine: My Father's SOS -- From the Middle of the Sea. A former editor at the magazine writes about her dad's determination to sail…


Re-reading books can be fun, but reading new books? Such a pleasure, sometimes. As I have posted elsewhere, I just finished re-reading (actually, re-listening - it's an audio book) The Sharing Knife: Beguilement by Lois Bujold. I've long since lost count of the re-readings. I also read Perdition…

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