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Windy windy Thursday

Lots of heavy rain and thunder and lightning last night, but no hail of any size, which was a relief. Today the sky was completely clear and blue. Finished Anna Burns' novel Milkman, set in a district of Belfast, Northern Ireland during The Troubles. I had initially been wary of trying it…

Eureka - I didn't hate book club.

When I reread my notes before the meeting, I found several lyrical instances of language. [The editor in me also recalled I'd found no spelling errors or glaring grammar and punctuation gaffes. That meant the author (an American, I believe) or his editor (I know, dying breed) was on the ball. I'd…

Wednesday is still feeling a bit knackered, really

What I read Finished A Duke in Disguise - I thought the early sections dragged a bit, or maybe I am just a bit impatient of that particular kind of UST going on and on. But pace did pick up. Also title is a little bit misleading as he's not so much in disguise as unknowing? Also some slight…

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