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rats in entries

Spider dream!!

Last night I had a dream that I was standing at the kitchen sink at home, looking out the window into the yard. Shawn was out there, doing some type of work. Suddenly a black tarantula the size & shape of a ferret (!?!) showed up. I yelled thru the window at Shawn to kill it or trap it or get…

Rat dream!

I'm pretty sure I had some anxiety dreams last night, but the one I remember was a nice dream for a change! :-) In the dream, I had 3 pet rats, all big, squishy, mellow boys. One of them was a blue hooded, like my late great boys Blueberry & Jellybean (see userpic photo). I'm not sure…

"Oh rats!" (in a dream, that is!)

Last night I had a very vivid dream in which I had 5 pet rats, all boys. (I prefer male rats over females for several reasons, but I won't go into those now). I'd intended to have 2 boys but somehow I kept rescuing more, and ended up w/ 5. They were all big, and very sweet. I recall them…

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