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FUCK Walgreens

It is impossible, in this format, to express the depths of my furious ⛧ ☠ ⛧ ⛥ ☠ FUCKING ψ ψ ☠ ⛧ ψ abhorrence for Walgreens right now. It used to be a simple matter of logging into my account online and refilling the prescriptions. Neat, simple, tidy. Then that started to more frequently be down…

What I want

I want to contact Michael Reeves and commission a robot that can autonomously go around town scanning people's faces, and when it detects an unmasked face, it shoots a mask onto their face and screams "WEAR A MASK, PLAGUE RAT!" at top volume from a pair of loudspeakers built into it. This was…

Die, Die, American Pie

A long, long time ago I can still remember that earworm song which is so vile And I knew if I had my chance That I'd take Don McLean to France And drag him down the road a mile. "American Pie," it makes me shiver Wish I could toss it in a river Bad news on the doorstep Don McLean didn't catch…

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