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Catamount Community Radio - January 20, 2019

I bookended the show with Raymond Scott, for no reason at all, other than that CD was sitting on my desk. He was a character, a pioneer of electronic music. Although my favorite stuff from his catalogue are the quintet recordings, which is what I played today. Jim Dandy says it's like 10 below up…

Catamount Community Radio - January 13, 2019

One of my ex-students drives a Ford Ranger pickup, with two enormous ladders on the top. I remember him as a very talented cartoonist, but pretty crappy at Spanish. I can't remember his name, but now I see him all the time in his truck, and I refer to him mentally as "Ladder Boy." I would never say…

Catamount Community Radio - January 6, 2019

I woke up late today, 8:36, but I made it. I was thinking, last night and this morning too, that I had nothing funny to say. DJ problem, right? But I probably came up with one or two quips ridiculous enough to make somebody at least smile. I have been pretty lazy posting my playlists, but as of…

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