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Yay, Friday!

So happy for the weekend to be here! It was a very full week. Just a couple of photos to share this morning. Last night we decide to have a shrimp salad for dinner. I sautéed the shrimp in some garlic and butter, while TBG chopped up lettuce, peppers and whatever else he could get his hands on. We…

It rained for quite a lot of yesterday so neither S nor I set foot outside the house all day. S is supposed to get a new work badge made but she is deferring until she hasn't got a black eye any more as she doesn't want that picture on her badge for the next ten years, so instead of going in to the…

This afternoon I finished my latest quilt top which will become a quilt for the guest room bed. Well, almost finished the top - I think I'm going to add one more row of blocks across one end to make it a bit longer. (This will use up all but one of the blocks I made.) Although I originally intended…

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