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My Valentine's baby turned 37 today. I don't know how that can be possible. (And she isn't even my oldest child.) I'm very happy to find that my shoulder is much improved today. It's not hurting nearly as much to sit at the computer as it has been since Sunday. I went for another short walk this…

I was very annoyed with myself while I was trying to join quilt blocks together today. I very carefully laid the blocks out so that they were all aligned correctly in relation to each other; with this particular design, that means directional fabrics are facing the same way over the whole quilt,…

Yesterday I stayed inside all day and didn't go out for any exercise, partly because it was raining and partly because of how much walking had hurt my neck/shoulder the day before. Today I thought I'd use the exercise bike in the hope that that would not cause any pain. (Also, it's raining again…

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