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Cherie’s Fanfiction Masterlist of Doom

NOTE: Stories are listed chronologically by when I wrote them. In other words, the lower a story is in its section, the better the chance is it will be very, very bad. Just in the interest of full disclosure. REAL PERSON FIC: CW SUPERNATURAL CROSSOVERS Title: Walk in Shadow, Move in…

The Truth PG (small ficlet)

TITLE: The Truth AUTHOR: crazyevildru TIMELINE: during episode 121 LENGTH: 400 Words DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. MUSE: Prompt # 16 from drabylon A/N: This was briefly betaed Cross posted: drabylon, bjfic, qaf_fiction -The Truth- The truth? Yeah, everyone…

CRASHED Completed 01.27.08 Brian/Justin NC17 Episode 510 AU

Title: Crashed Rating: NC-17 Genre: Brian/Justin beta: me Summary: AU after the bombing in 510 Disclaimer: The characters are not mine and I have no right to steal them, so I'm borrowing them. Crashed is by Daughtry and I think it's the perfect Britin song. Crossposted: Queer…

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