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On clear nights when I'm out walking I'd see many stars--something I didn't see much of years ago in Queens and wonder if the new LED bulb streetlights, which don't have the hazy, wide "bleed" of light in all directions of the old sodium bulbs, is the reason why I can now--and wonder if they…


Going out this afternoon I had to dig my car out a bit again because everything my car had softened down last time had turned to ice and it couldn't find the traction to pull itself out. So there I am, disabled me chopping away and down at ice with my little shovel and using my body weight. I'll…


I had to dig my car out of the snow twice: first time the evening after the snowfall and the second time today when I reached my car literally just in time for a plow truck to push a ton of icy crap back onto and under my car. Somebody took my parking spot when I came back home but since it was a…

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