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I don't know if I trust what the font on this memorial is telling me the name is. +++ I started walking outside long distances without an ankle brace Thursday, totally without Friday, and today I walked over two miles without a brace and without trouble. I caught two new Pokémon today but…

This Is How You Remind Me of What I Really Am

It was balmy today, with a high of 70 °F (about 21 °C), which was nice but made the bursitis in my shoulders and arms flare up. Can't I just enjoy warmth? Guess not. Another way I know warmer weather is coming is that I'm starting to feel my nighttime restlessness kick in, making me want to go out…


More trees here are starting to bloom: cherry blossom, magnolia, linden. Pokémon Go had a community day today, so I did two things at once by going to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park to hunt the hordes of Bagons that came out for three hours while enjoying the cherry blossoms. FMCP's major grove of…

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