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English Language Editing and Manuscript Formatting By Pangaea

We format your manuscript to comply with the guidelines of your target journal. This includes formatting page layout, title page, headings/sub-headings, main text, in-text citations, and reference list, as well as arranging sections/sub-sections, tables, and figures at required positions, per the…

English, language editing | Pangaea Academic Communications

A range of quality editing and publication support services catering to your needs and budget. Pangaea never miss a deadline. Guaranteed timely delivery of the job, as per the editing plan chosen. Qualified Editors: Expert Ph.D. editors, with decades of research, publishing, and editing…

Question for Readers

The latest vertigo attack has diminished to what I think of as the bobblehead stage: my head feels like it's tethered by a very loose string, otherwise I can turn my head and even bend, and I don't get whammied by a personal 9.3 on the Richter scale. So it's time to catch up with things. One thing…

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