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• Slowly & Finally •

On 03.02.19, I had begun what I now feel comfortable & safe doing; going out, dancing & mingling with others. I now feel that I'm finally living & having a.....life! I attend live entertainment venue's over 3 nights a week. Have made friends there & am ENJOYING myself! I'll admit, at times, I…

• EMDR •

I'm happy though a bit nervous but I'll be starting EMDR the month of April 2019. This is something I really need as a form of recovery from the trauma & PTSD from domestic violence. I'm hoping this will be successful! https://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/

• Life? •

Thought: CAN OR WILL A NEW LIFE START AFTER ENDURING TRAUMA & PTSD AS A RESULT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? I ask myself this ALL the time. His life has had NO effect on what HE did to me. PERIOD.

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