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And it shall all happen again...

"In the paper that we were looking at the discourse that precedes genocide and genocidal states, the enhancement of a sense of victimization on the part of one of the groups, is usually the group that’s going to commit the genocide. First of all, their sense of being victims is much heightened by…

The Whispering Walls of Tobias Forge

“I am all eyes I am all ears I am the wall And I’m watching you fall Because faith is mine.” —From “Faith” by Ghost What is the path to Satanism? I must confess to knowing next to nothing about Satan, and therefore very little about how one may come to practice Satanism. My most vivid…

Распластав мысли по бумаге.

Ph: iPhone SE shot. Suzdal, Russia. Задавай команду: «Голос»! Как же тяжело бывает собраться с мыслями в кучеобразное состояние и что-то отпрезентовать. Люблю психологов. Они советуют выписывать идеи, то и дело приходящие в гости к подсознанию. Особенно приятно «выкладывать» продукты…

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