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Ph: iPhone SE shot. Suzdal, Russia. Задавай команду: «Голос»! Как же тяжело бывает собраться с мыслями в кучеобразное состояние и что-то отпрезентовать. Люблю психологов. Они советуют выписывать идеи, то и дело приходящие в гости к подсознанию. Особенно приятно «выкладывать» продукты…

reflections when I can't sleep

It seems that either when I'm filled with light, my failings are more vivid, or it draws out the firey darts of the adversary. It's hard to sit around and hear how bad you are. We are so good at seeing the problems of others. The trouble with having people tell us what our faults are, is we…

The mystery of the new glasses

I went to choose new glasses last week, and I found a pair I really liked. They were turquoise and looked really fun and kind of quirky, and I felt uplifted looking at my reflection wearing them. Usually when I choose glasses it's like "OK, if I have to wear glasses, these are about the…

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