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You see, I'm the girl with the expendable emotions. I've been craftily devised, every scenario covered, every tear, every laugh, every smile perfectly thought through. Nothing is a coincidence, and even though you think you've figured me out... you haven't, because I change on a whim. I change my…

Our existence in this waterglobe of a world is indefinite; we're mere flakes of weakness and influence floating on liquid currents of promise. Our lives, such malleable commodities, are turned upside down and inside out, broken and refilled, broken and refilled. Only so many spidery cracks can…

the dream.

So, so chic. I’m living the dream right now, aren’t I? Who wouldn’t want to get exposed to the highest of the high, the most important of the most important? The movers and shakers of the world and the changers of the way we see each other- these people determine what is acceptable. All of these…

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