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Why Communicating with Git Helped You Version

In my previous postings about Git I talked about communication, and now that you've been communicating well we can get into what that means from a strategy standpoint. Versioning is a large topic area and I do favor the idea of supporting several versions, but encourage limitations on that and…

Git and Other Communication Tools

My last post on Git tried to focus on an end goal for your history. But I can already hear the nagging reply's "We have other tools which we use to communicate these things." Most likely you're utilizing some form of bug tracking system, these systems help you to organize what is changing and…

Git is a Communication Tool

Historically there has been a number of complaints on the way git allows people to change history. There are continued discussions on using rebase, merge, and/or squash. I want to bring focus to the point of all these choices, communicating. I'm not looking at providing new suggestions, someone…

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