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LiveJournal passwords exposed ☹

Tue May 26 19:49:55 EDT 2020 I'm one of 26,372,781 people pwned in the LiveJournal data breach. I've been pwned! I signed up for notifications when my account was pwned in a data breach and unfortunately, it's happened. Here's what's known about the breach: Email found:…

another stupid spam

Sun Mar 15 23:23:10 EDT 2020 Why do I find spam entertaining? WhatsApp Admin Congratulation [sic] Your email has won $1 million United States Dollar [sic] ($1,000,000) in the 2020 WhatsApp lottery and you are expected to claim it as quickly as possible or your lottery will be transferred to…

block his ass

Sun Mar 8 01:18:27 EST 2020 There was just a story on the radio about the problem of men texting naked photos to women. If we can block phone calls or texts from individuals, why can't we block photos from individuals? Why can't we block photos from anyone not in our contacts lists (i.e.…

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