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New Mask Run

Oh gods and kittens. RedBubble, while it serves me well, is a serious pain to work with. From the works management page, there's a tool for, "Enable this on..." Which doesn't bloody work on half the products in the set. Which means having to go in and manually edit each one. And if you hit the…

Masks for Sale

RB's dropped masks. Watching them un-bugger their product setup so that one can actually search for masks? Kinda fun. Over the past hour it's gone from, "Good luck searching for masks, we don't even have them as a category," To, "Search breaks things," To, "OK, here you go." Still can't just…

Spirits in the Abstract 1

Working with drag elements, watercolor and tempera paint, ink, and bleach. Drags done with with a nice smooth aluminum can, a glass, a cat, a squeegee, and my shirt sleeve. Cat and shirt sleeve accidental. Prints as they go live: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/wdvmm+recent…

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