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1 Samuel

1 Samuel 1 (JS ) Hannah's tenacity to pray in spite of herself & her situation = admirable; HS interceding for us (Rom 8) Hannah's prayer: rejoicing in God - not just because of her circumstances but also beyond her circumstances NB: Enemies, pluralised - not just…

John Piper: A Prayer for Minneapolis.

... May our leaders love the truth, seek the truth, stand unflinching for the truth, and act on the truth. Let nothing, O Lord, be swept under the rug. Forbid that any power or privilege would be allowed to twist or distort or conceal the truth, even if the truth brings the privileged, the rich,…

Ps 46: Mighty Fortress

Rev 2: 1 - 7; Psalm 46 ~ Tim Wickham We shall not be shaken. Written after the Assyrian invasion of Judah - besieged city of Jerusalem; ( Is 36 & 37) NB - cf: use of water imagery, there is no river in earthly Jerusalem but // 46: There is a river whose streams make glad the city of…

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