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But A "Normal" Relationship Doesn't Keep Secrets From Each Other!

People who proudly proclaim that their partner (almost always singular even when they're poly) has complete access to their phones, including their messages, because they have "nothing to hide" freak me right the fuck out. They basically tell me that I can never divulge a confidence to…

The History Of The Term Unicorn Hunter

We have this damn argument constantly in poly forums. Somebody calls someone a " unicorn hunter", somebody gets upset at the insult, someone else demands that there's nothing wrong with being a unicorn hunter, someone chimes in that they're a unicorn and proud of it, someone else tries…

The Care And Feeding Of Independent People - Yes Please Feed Us

You know what I'm really fucking sick of? People who see all my independence and my relationship and poly experience and think that means that I don't need any care and feeding at all. "Joreth is self-sufficient, so I can just put her on a back shelf somewhere and she'll just be there…

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