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Chapter 57: Goodbye Sacramento

Author's Note: Once again, thanks to "André" for permission to use his lyrics! Also thanks to "Michael" for his extra suggestions on this one! Chapter 57: Goodbye Sacramento On the ride to the airport, Joan called Michael. After her conversation with Mokuba about condoms, she knew Seto would…

Chapter 56: Tacos

Chapter 56: Tacos Mokuba went downstairs through the painted tropical jungle and found the others, including Joe and Tamara, already feasting on a mountain of tacos. Dimitri waved a hand at the kitchen counter. "Help yourself." "Thanks!" Mokuba grabbed a couple of tacos and plopped into a chair…

Chapter 55: Epicurus

Chapter 55: Epicurus The closer they came to their destination, the more Mokuba's excitement mounted. He worried that fucking in someone else's bedroom without their presence would be awkward, but by the time they got there, horniness had overridden his hesitation. André's pile of smelly…

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