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Hard Times by Lacey Layton

book cover During a prison riot, a tough macho guard finds himself at the mercy of a dominant woman and her gang. He knows this night may not end well, but deep down, it's what he's always wanted . . . . Grant McMillan is a man who has two sides to his life: one side of him is tough, hardened…

What #Polyamory Really Looks Like

#WhatRealPolyLooksLike “Oh you’re poly?! Are you dating lots of people? Tell me about your partners!” "So, how many partners do you have, then?" Well, I've been in a seriously long-term, low-key toxic relationship with the Entertainment Industry. It takes up most of…

Some Valentine's Day Suggestions

For those who celebrate some version of Valentine's Day, consider sending your metamours V-Day cards or gifts, taking your metamours out for dinner instead of (or in addition to) your partners, and if you're into the whole gift thing, consider mother-jewelry to symbolize polyamory with birthstones…

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