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meanwhile, on Reddit

Today I had my most popular social media post of all time, with over 1000 likes. All I did was share a meme on the poly subreddit. I didn't create this meme, and I don't know who did. I saw it on Twitter, posted by somebody who saw it on Tumblr, but they didn't say from whom. The meme is not…

Post-Op Day 0

1. Tonight, I'm low-key sad that we couldn't make it work. I miss having a third partner. I miss when things were pleasant. I have so many good memories. They would've worth the effort for me. 2. I almost kissed Kate. Twice. Out of habit, because she was hugging me goodnight. What... 3. Letting…

Tonight, I thought: "If he's dead, then I'm free." I mean, maybe that was the reason I didn't think of him until she reminded me he was still out there. Maybe he's finally gone and the gravity between us can relax until we have to fight it again in the next life. What a sick thought. I'm too…

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