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Decay of my country-Tuesday Take for 6/2/20

I am hoping that this morning cup of coffee will help wake my a bit more after the jog I went on this morning. I am honestly in a weird mood, and it most because of what is going down on "a few miles" away from where I live. I pretty much watch one of the most disturbing things in my life…

Why Do People Riot?

One of the most puzzling things to many people is the sight of people rioting in cities. As we see right now (of this writing of May 30, 2020), Minneapolis in particular, and many other cities in the USA to a lesser degree, are seeing rioters burning buildings, overturning cars, looting and…

We are not even half way there yet......

We are getting close to the halfway mark of 2020, and it's pretty much been a dumpster fire of a year, and we are not even closed to done. For me, everything feels like a blur, kind of how I would imagine being punch over and over, and be in a haze. Even this week in America, is got to be…

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