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Poker - La Center

The Omaha game on Saturday at La Center starts really early. Like around 7 am. I slept badly on Friday night and was very tired, but up around 4 and got to the casino a bit after 6. Played HE and won some money, luckily. Then to Omaha. The game lasted all day and I played for 12 hours. It was…

The Only Girl in the Game-Pulp Cover Sundays for 1/19/20

My friend and I went to a Magic Prerelease yesterday and not to our normal location for gaming. We decided to go to a smaller store which we knew had a nice pub near it, which was the only reason we chose to go to this venue. As we sat down, I noticed, that I was the only woman there, and when I…

Summary of poker trip to Los Angeles - 05 Dec to 09 Dec

Cost of flight = just taxes as I used points Hotel was about one thousand for four of us. Ended up with $236/person. Car rental with gas and parking = $33 a person. Shared Uber rides with B----- at various times for 60 total so $30 for my share. According to cash calculation, I spent about $924.…

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