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Stadiums for poker.

Was told about Stadiums having poker, specifically Omaha, by D----- in a text. Had also gotten an odd message from another person about how Claudia's is no longer hosting poker games. Well, since Omaha is on Sundays at noon, I went there today to check it out. Wanted to get there early to ensure a…

Last Frontier

Decided to go and visit Last Frontier casino last night since I like blackjack and it was Omaha night. Thought I could check it out and see what the game was like. And how the casino was dealing with safety issues and precautions. Got there around 8 pm. It was quite busy. The table games were…

What a year.

It's been such a challenging and stressful year this year. First there is the on-going stress about politics and the stupidly of this country and the scary things being done by the leaders. Very distressing. And November is going to be chaotic regardless of the outcome of the election. *sigh* And…

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