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"A Midday’s Dream" by Don Gerz

At sixteen, lost and slouched in the back of the classroom, idly listening as the scholastic read from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream , dull and abandoned in that plasticized labyrinth where the Dow goes up and down, down and up, and baseball teams rally, or…

"Seasons Have Changed for Less" by Don Gerz

An orange neon reflection in rainwater shines through the dirty window as a fat lady walks through the door way . U nshaven, a homeless man sips his expensive coffee after a visit to a urinal. A skinny woman walks outside before unfurling her yellow umbrella.…

"Fired" by Don Gerz

Never complaining, always perplexed, never making excuses, always creating solutions, solutions that have been ignored for months, my friend Larry has been confiding to me that his boss Nancy has been giving him fits… fits of frustration when Nancy doesn’t return his…

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