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How the words come....

Writing poetry Is not something I can do Deliberately. I start feeling strongly About something, And,over a period of time, The words form themselves... They clamour to be written down Until I must heed their call, And set them down in black and white. Karna was born through Kunti's ear: Jesus'…

The Ostrich

Let me close my eyes. Let me not see These awful scenes. People dying of the virus. People dying, not of the virus, But of the breakdown of the system: Gasping out their last breath While helpless families look on. Let me close my eyes. Let me not think about People struggling even to consign The…

Writer's Block: Taxmen and Poetry

BASKET CASE by Green Day: Do you have the time, To listen to me whine, About nothing and everything all at once? I am one of those Melodramatic fools, Neurotic to the bone no doubt about it Sometimes I give myself the creeps, Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me, It all keeps adding up, I…

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