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Poetry Fishbowl Signal Boost

Today is the YsabetWordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl on the theme "Quiet Revolutions". It is a particularly apt topic, given current events. I'm really looking forward to reading the poems from today's suggestions. This entry was originally posted at…


the odds of this to happen it's irritating what little actions can do to my world and yours the losely attached relations it's fascinating what kind of connections there are to my world and yours the net of feelings and thoughts it's confusing what little differences make out in my…

*** ("Я - год назад" и "я - сегодня")

"Я - год назад" и "я - сегодня" - Два незнакомых человека. И их знакомить ни к чему. Они друг друга не поймут. 1974 This entry was originally posted at https://alex-vinokur.dreamwidth.org/5942.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

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