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Flowering Blood Moon Tonight....... Blossoming Bright Umbra

Some referred to the event as a “super flower blood moon,” making reference to its apparent size in the sky, the abundance of blooms at this time of year and the moon's color during the eclipse. Eclipses occur when one celestial object blocks another, casting a shadow known as an “umbra.” So here…

The Better Part

This is not what I meant to say Those words must wait for another day For now that the way seems bleak I'll find other things of which to speak As we face the road ahead There are things which are better said

a cold sweat you cant remember

maybe i should grow out my hair and dye it red cut it all up the next day and wear it pitch black im not certain that youll like me if anything im not concerned my eye sockets get a little deeper each day chiseled down by the empty nights i stay awake for my legs are nonexistent in this…

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