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Title: Relief and Fear and Terror Author: halwen Reader: kalakirya Fandom: Critical Role Pairings: Kima/Allura Rating: general audiences Summary: Allura’s first thought, when Vox Machina had told her that a conclave of chromatic dragons had attacked Emon, had been wild,…

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I made three podfics this month! It feels great to be doing this again. Title: may we stay lost on our way home (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3) Author: growlery Fandom: Merlin Rating: mature Ship(s): Gwaine/Merlin Length: 17 minutes Author's summary: Merlin has a very…

Pod_Exchange 2019

Dear Podfficcer, Note: This is the dear podficcer letter for the Group Slashpad sign up, for the paraka, solo sign up, see my last 2 ITPE letters. OK, so there are two different people in this group (possibly a 3rd) and you don't have to worry about making a podfic for both of us, though we do…

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