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Been getting some nice writing done and stories completed. Can't remember if I ever talked about the desire to write one where Lector is a vigilante in town, but the urge to do that kept coming back and I finally figured out a way to write that story the way I wanted it and it ended up bringing in…

Assorted ficness

Even though I've had the climax of my current fic ready for a while, it just hasn't felt right. Sunday morning I finally realized what was wrong and how to fix it. The climax went from being seriously ludicrous to seriously beautiful. I just adore it now! I did cringe a bit that I felt I couldn't…

I'm a Candy girl in a Candy world...

Shibajuku Girls Yoko (Photos taken in artificial light so annoying shadows might be in the photos) Comparison pic with a Pullip: So she's a bit taller than a Pullip but they can share most clothing I think. Maybe type 4 stock clothes wouldn't fit the…

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