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saturday night

Went for a long walk today. Went to some stores. It was really warm. Came home, ordered a pizza, watched Taskmaster and drank good beer and wore hats. Then watched the new Nils Frahm film. It was a good day.

Demos & Pizza....

I am still doing demos lol. But now I do demos as I note a pod of subanime limits / subanime limits IQ mortals.... . That to assist in putting the solo or dual trial matter to rest (all the way).

A Day Of Rest / New Level Vision Abilities.....

Woa...=O_O=. Looks like I stumbled upon a new recipe, that quite literally I added a dropped / cracked farm supply.....item to the usual pizza dough admixture. The result was a crisp-bottomed, and yet...tender.......within ..buttery crust..that reminds me of the pan pizzas of decades past.…

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