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Every Day Is A Day To Discover New Things...& Learn

Yesterday's product was a warm up. I rushed due to hunger and eye pain. Here is the next day's result. I used a farm egg in the admixture this time, and a bit more honey. The pepperoni's cut is what it is, cooking with an eyepatch on a eye, and a struggling…

Pizza Dough From Scratch Experiment.....

After a bunch of fluid world stuff, fluid world stuff that had me witnessing anime entities & generating thunderstorms, I decided it was time to work on a new pan pizza dough recipe from scratch. A recipe that uses freeze dried butter, raw and extra fine flour, and some of my other survival…

Blue Cheese Dressing...Cheesest*ak Pizza Experimentation..

*Yawns*. I am getting really used to handling a knife, and using a cutting board. *Nods*. I slept through most of yesterday afternoon, and woke late in the evening....after a big lunch? For yesterday's lunchtime, I had a pizza taste test. A homemade personal pan pizza with Ranch, and…

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