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An existentialist’s opposition to humanism.

With these few days before I go into hard-core revision, I read up some Sartre and Kierkegaard, to get my mind stimulated. (Or was it a waste of my precious time?) One of the entries in Nausea, by Sartre got my mind on a jog. Jog along-- Mankind, instead of being the central figure on the stage…

Analyzing The Last Post......

The last post was very intense for me, and after trying to sleep some while afterwards, fluid world and dimension dive events had me witnessing 'garbage' '&' 'chaos'. (*Felt my nails blaze in exertion*). That due to the data processing strain.....that accompanied the intensive data analysis.…

A III Decade Long "Matter Storm"....

I usually reserve this kind of writing for my ink & paper journal. I hold back all but a sliver of revealed information....on this online journal. But today...I am going to reveal some "just discovered" information from my main theoretical modeling and probability analysis systems. Ok. So…

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