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I don't know if I trust what the font on this memorial is telling me the name is. +++ I started walking outside long distances without an ankle brace Thursday, totally without Friday, and today I walked over two miles without a brace and without trouble. I caught two new Pokémon today but…

Night View

I haven't been enjoying Killing Eve at all this season--I feel like the show is just spinning its wheels--and stopped watching it completely. I couldn't even get through "The Hungry Caterpillar." +++ A very small preview of the windows I mentioned earlier: Bloomingdale's, doing a Mother's Day…

Like Some Disgraced Cosmonaut

It'll be pouring rain tonight at the time I'd usually go, so I drove into Manhattan around 10 p.m. to see if anything was new, which I figured there might be some since the Met Gala will be Monday and local NYC stores often do display series related to it. But the streets are still crowded with…

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