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Deferential Contents and the Extended Mind

(II'm posting too much--trying to get my research bearings so that I get something done once the semester ends next week.) We have the notion, from Putnam and Burge, of semantic deference. I defer to the elm expert about what’s an elm, and the doctor about what arthritis is, and the chemist about…

Extended Emotions and Shared Love

In the Clark and Chalmers paper, “The Extended Mind,” the authors ask where cognition takes place: does it take place in the mind, or does it sometimes take place outside the mind as well? They cite the use of paper and pen to do math problems as a case of cognition extending outside the mind (7).…

Against Phenomenal Modes of Presentation

Here's an argument I could make, based more or less on Evans's notion that sameness of demonstrative sense is ensured by keeping track of an object. Will probably leave it out of my research statement for now.There are too many arguments I want to make. Modes of presentation are invoked to…

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