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Meditation's Fake News

As it spread across Asia and the rest of the globe, Buddhism changed and adapted to the local cultures it encountered; however, Buddhism’s core goal—freedom from suffering—and its core method—contemplative meditation—have perforce remained constant… until…


In their recent marketing communications, the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center has published brief interviews with some of their regular practitioners as a kind of “get to know you” feature. Although I haven’t made an appearance at CIMC in years, I thought it’d be…

Book 41 - Anthony Gottlieb "The Dream Of Enlightenment"

Anthony Gottlieb "The Dream Of Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Philosophy" (Penguin) What has the Enlightenment ever done for us? This is an important question and the title of the last chapter of this book. My biased answer would include human rights, democratic government,…

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