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An entry from Quarantine...

It's been 8 years since my last entry. A whole LOT of SHIT has happened since, but today, I needed to share this, which has been bothering me enough to log into LJ after an 8 year hiatus so I could get it off my chest. So just to give context, on March 12, 2020, Canada declared a Pandemic over…

Linked lists don't exist

Last night I was trying to show someone my implementation of a linked list, and I realized linked lists don't exist. Sure, you might have an object that contains some additional metadata about a linked list such as the type of its contents or its length, and methods such as an iterator or…

The problem with threads and voting

I am still not clear about how "top" comment option in websites like Reddit work. What if a very low rated comment (+1 vote) is the first comment in the thread, and the reply to it is highly rated (+1400 votes)? Will this thread be above or below another thread where the root comment has +40 votes…

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