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Ph: iPhone SE shot. Suzdal, Russia. Задавай команду: «Голос»! Как же тяжело бывает собраться с мыслями в кучеобразное состояние и что-то отпрезентовать. Люблю психологов. Они советуют выписывать идеи, то и дело приходящие в гости к подсознанию. Особенно приятно «выкладывать» продукты…

"Time of Death" by Don Gerz

“ For man knows not his time. A s fish that are taken in the net, and as birds t hat are caught in the snare , so are the sons of men s nared in a time when it falls suddenly upon them.” --- Ecclesiastes 9:12 No one denies…

Darumas (15/30 #3.75)

According to the Zen lore, in the 5th or 6th century, an Indian monk Bodhidharma (named in Japan Daruma) crossed the high sees and established the Zen Buddhism in China. His life is surrounded by numerous legends. According to one, shortly after arriving to China, he had an audience with the…

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