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phantom of the opera

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What She Left Behind

Title: What She Left Behind Fandom: Phantom of the Opera Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 100 Characters/Pairing: Phantom/Christine Summary: On the day of her wedding, Christine thinks about the one she left behind. A/N: written for fandomwords100 The day of her wedding dawned bright…

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[Movies] Alice in Wonderland x1 The Hobbit x3 Madame Bovary x1 Marie Antoinette x2 The Phantom of the Opera x1 Sleeping Beauty x1 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs x1 War and Peace x1 Wonder Woman x12 [Series] Gentleman Jack x1 His Dark Materials x2 more H E R E @ lady_turner

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Movies (1) Alice Through the Looking Glass (2) Cinderella (2) The Hobbit (3) The Lord of the Rings (1) The Phantom of the Opera (2) Pirates of the Caribbean Series (1) Penny Dreadful (1) Poldark +1 stock see the others HERE at lady_turner

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