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To top it all off...

Whew, this has been one hell of a weekend work-wise. Today was the cherry on top of the lovely, decadent turd sundae. I've been trying to keep my chin up, but today was the final straw for me. We're closed to the public on Sundays (haha, get it? Okay, I'll stop...) and so, of course we close…

the dog who saved a town from death

true story of balto the bravest dog ever The story of Balto the dog who saved an entire town from death It is known about dogs that they are loyal pets and they are considered a friend of humans and many of us buy a dog in his home for guarding or friendship and who gets used to…

all ،types of cats,And their breeds ،

All kinds of cats and their breeds. In this article, we will show you ,in this article the ,types of cats, their names, their different breeds, and the most famous breeds around the world, 1 cat. 2 cat breeds. 3 month old cat breeds. 4 names of different breeds of cats. cat care.…

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