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Identity Crisis

Who Am I Ah, yes, that is the age-old question, isn't? Nothing like waxing philosophic and wrestling with giants while the clock ticks. So, pardon me for taking the easy route, but, since I'm an LJ Idol virgin, and this is only the non-elimination intro, I'm going to start in a…

Manifold Reflections

5-Fingered Pause Not that I’d suggest you should, but, if you do happen to believe Freud, you’re of the mind that everybody has some sort of unresolved psychological traumas resulting from relationships with their parents. It’s just human nature. The Oedipus complexes, daddy…

All You Need Is Love...

Bearing False Witness The phone rings. “ I have decided that you shall accompany my best friend tonight on a social expedition” “ Oh, you’ve determined this, have you?” “ Yes. I have spoken, and it will be so. Here, talk to…

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