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Video Game Meme

Stolen from Tumblr, because I never get to talk about video games here anymore. Video games have influenced my writing so much, and I want them to be recognized as a total valid way to tell a story. Novels are not inherently better than any other art form. Every medium has it's own magic.…

Favorite Fanworks List/Fanworks Recommendations

This is the place to find a list of my favorite fanworks from all across the web. Also, feel free to make recommendations of any fanworks (of fandoms I'm interested in) that you think I'd like in a comment. I used to spend so very much of my time reading and writing fanfiction. Though that…

Worldwide Day of Play

I find it ironic that every year during Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play thing that is supposed to get kids outside to excercise and such, it always rains here. Always. I would have gone for a walk or something too. I have to say I appreciate the effort, though. They shut the whole channel…

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