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The fics January 2018 The Princess and the Dragons of Many Hues Original/Fairy Tale. PG. Gen. 1,505 words. Summary: In a world where there are dragons of many hues, it took this princess to approach them. February 2018 The Way to a Witch’s Heart HP. Universal. Ginny/Neville. 169 words.…

2018's Three Sentence Ficathon fills

I've been dabbling in the Three Sentence Ficathon - currently on its second post. Here are my fills for completeness's sake. Gotham, Bruce/Selina, balancing act (79 words, spoilers for s4) The thirteenth-century dagger lies in Bruce's palm, ornate, yet made for combat, perfectly balanced.…

time for toys and time for cheer

I'm in the usual frenzy of grading now that the semester is rapidly drawing to a close. Thankfully the checkoff list requiring signatures is smaller than in years past, so I can spend more time trying to grade rather than trying to fulfill an obscure requirement so that someone else can initial my…

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