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Morning walk.. Some years ago

I wrote this many years ago. The morning walk, in cool, cloudy weather, is a great joy. I start by buying the Deccan Herald (the news is always the same, but I love the Saturday cryptic crossword). I walk under the shade of large trees, watching the vegetable, fruits and flower vendors setting…


Between what happened the other day and what happened just now, I am completely shaken up. In the long run, it will probably be for the best. Perhaps my treatment of the world as a canvas for my satire has gone too far. (Probably because I'm not as funny as I think I am.) I don't know, I don't…


What a wide variety of posts I see every morning! Some worry about the world, some about their broken fingernails. Some are full of faith and hope, some are dark and gloomy. Some will tell me how to live, some brim forth with anger. Some talk of what they've done in the past, some discuss their…

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