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Update on the doctor's list

" I had posted this ad. Turns out, this is from Central Africa, and here is an article by Patrick Mbataru, that explains, amongst other things, the first item on the list. NAIROBI: In 1997, out of curiosity, I asked Gacamuku, a well-known Mbeere witchdoctor about a tale told about him. The…

So, say you were meeting a new person - blind date, new friend, who knows. And you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are, and who you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box, with a dozen things in it for them to ponder…

Personality in a pie chart

If you had to take your interests and lump them together into main categories, and make like a pie chart out of them, what would you come up with? Just think of all your interests and kind of lump them together. Example: I am 30% ARTISTIC, 35% SPIRITUAL, and 35% GEEKY. What categories compose…

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