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Bird Race, 190120

Amit, Edgar,Harish, Keerthana, Kumuda, Poorvi,Prem,Radhika, Shreeya, Sriram,Valli, and I To Ravugodlu. Shared packed brefus. to NASA's for coffee. To Kaggala halli kere, Gabbadi kere, Harohalli kere, Suvarnamukhi Reservoir. (Ate the rest of the food for lunch) Did not go to Bettahalli…

Relative Struggle

The clock on the dash blinked 8.48 am, One hand pressed firmly on the horn, Infuriated by the backed up traffic in the front, He started to frantically searching his inbox for the conference call number. Suddenly he sensed a frail image emerge beside his window - A little girl with shabby hair…

"pAni poori" dOsA, Nani's Dosa, Solapur, 301119

Dosas (dOsA) have become a popular item all over India, and in line with the constant evolution of food, this dish, too, is evolving, with several push carts advertising "100 varieties"! On a visit to Solapur, we were having chai, when I looked at the shop next door, intriguingly called "Nani's…

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