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Not quite wholly deadlock

AP Herbert, noted 1930s divorce law reformer and novelist, who once gave a parliamentary speech in rhyme, wrote a novel about the 1923 Matrimonial Causes Act entitled Holy Deadlock. Its extremely narrow terms - adultery only, readers of interwar fiction may recollect the 'put-up adultery in…

Wednesday is somewhat nitpicky

What I read KJ Charles, Any Old Diamonds (2019), which, breathtakingly twisty plot, but I was taken aback, because I do not expect this from KJC, by 2 bloopers: one of the characters has a title which was that of an actual and eminent Victorian aristo, and error over the terms of the 1857…

Nitcomb getting a work-out

Just checked, and I am coming up to deadline for book review I committed to some months ago and have been circling round in a nervous fashion - - book being on subject I have written on quite a bit (not a book, it's true, but articles/chapters/bits and bobs here and there touching on the…

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