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  • aome
  • 11 months ago

It's all fun and games until someone's meds get ruined

So, we've been here in Hawaii for just over a week, and have 1.5 days left in our vacation. Now, as you would rightly assume, we've had a pretty good time here - nice weather, gorgeous scenery, too much food. Rough life. Yes, a few wrinkles here and there, but overall - not too shabby. ;-) Except…

Meh and a meme.

So, first off, Shana Tova (or, as heidi8 pointed out might be a better phrasing: Shana svira) to all my Jewish friends, as well as my entire maternal family (not that they're reading this, lol). Definitely DEFINITELY hoping for a happier year for EVERYONE. (Except Trump and his…

Happy Mother's Day!

I posted this last night to DW, but apparently cross-posting has died again? To all my friends who are mothers, or are mother-like figures (ie to their students): Happy Mother's Day! To those who wish(ed) to be mothers but aren't, or who have troubled relationships with their moms, or who have…

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